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It doesn’t happen too often, but when a dental emergency comes up, you need a dentist you can trust to provide emergency dentistry services with same-day appointments. Gus Huerta, DDS, in Sherman Oaks, California, offers same-day emergency dentistry services for chipped and broken teeth. If you’ve been in an accident or you’ve experienced dental trauma, schedule an emergency appointment online or call the practice today.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry services provide same-day access to dentists for dental situations that can’t wait for your next scheduled appointment. Dental emergencies may happen outside of traditional dental hours, of course, which means your choices are to find an emergency dentist or visit the hospital emergency room.

If your dental problem involves excessive bleeding, severe pain, or will result in a lost tooth if you’re not seen right away, it’s a dental emergency.

What emergency dentistry services are available?

Gus Huerta, DDS, offers same-day appointments if you chip or break a tooth.  A partnership with a local lab helps replace teeth quickly. Dr. Huerta is equipped to handle the following dental emergencies:

  • Previous restorations that break or fall out
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Swelling
  • Toothaches
  • Knocked-out teeth

If you’re experiencing pain from your dental emergency, Dr. Huerta provides pain management solutions.

What should I do right after a dental emergency?

If you’re going through a dental emergency, the first thing to remember is to stay calm. Then, quickly call the office and get help from the staff about how to take care of the situation until you can get to the office. 

At-home care for dental emergencies consists of swishing warm water around your mouth and using an over-the-counter pain reliever. If you have swelling, applying ice may reduce swelling and relieve pain. For toothaches, try gently flossing the area to make sure the pain isn’t coming from something stuck between the teeth.

If dental trauma has caused a tooth to come out of your mouth, try to save the tooth and bring it in with you; it’s possible to re-insert the tooth and save it. Never touch the tooth by its root while it’s out of your mouth. You can keep the tooth in its socket in your mouth until you get to Dr. Huerta’s office, or put the tooth in milk so the root stays moist. 

When you call, the staff gets you in to see Dr. Huerta as soon as possible — the same day if you’re having a dental emergency involving a chipped or broken tooth.

Don’t try to tough it out if you’ve had a dental emergency. Call the practice or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.